Importance of SEO for Small Business: Best 7 Tips That Works in 2020

Are you a small business owner? Are you running a business, online Store? 

If yes, great!

You can Advertise your small business to attracting new more customers. 

Attracting More customer is “Marketing”, marketing is both ways online and offline.

Traditional offline marketing includes on-paper advertising, large sign-board, and banner in advertising. 

But online marketing is day-by-day increase and online marketing is cheaper than offline marketing and targets a large audience that is reason the importance of SEO for small businesses.

In Today’s world digitalization and online advertising, branding, and search engine optimization(SEO) is very important. 

Search engine optimization is a process for a website developer to optimize their website for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and rank on it.

If you are a small business owner, Then I will give the best guidelines about SEO for Small Businesses which will help you to recognize the market and rank on the search engine page.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique visible in your online presence. 

If you are the business website and application, you can invest in online marketing for a large targeted audience.

SEO is the online marketing strategies and technique to optimize your website, Then rank on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

 The search engine shows your website on top of the list on the search engine result page.

Importance of SEO - Search Result Page

Benefits Of SEO for Small Businesses

  • Increase quality traffic
  • SEO helps you to create a user-friendly website
  • Build your business reputation
  • Long – term business growth
  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Make a good ROI (Return of Investment)
  • Explore new market
  • Improve your website conversation rate
  • Build your fan base using email marketing

Why Is SEO Important for Small Businesses?

You want to start SEO, you can create a user-friendly website, find new customers, and convert them If you are first to explore the market and understand market interest.

SEO is the best marketing strategy that helps your eCommerce and local businesses increase organic(non-paid) traffic. 

ECommerce businesses gain organic traffic and convert them into customers. 

Local businesses depend on the ‘Local SEO‘ technique to interact with the local marketplace and help direct customers to their physical shop location.

SEO is necessary for small businesses to make an online presence. SEO help for small businesses in targeting your audience is essential marketing.

SEO Tips for Small Businesses

1. Start a new Blog website

Impoertance of SEO - Start a New Blog

The first benefit of SEO for small businesses is to create a blog increase chance to gain more traffic. 

Making a professional website will increase retention rate and engagement that will help your website fast rank on Google search page.

Google always recommends a mobile-friendly website. You want to check your mobile-friendly site score. is mobile-friendly and “easy to use in mobile devices” you can see this image.

Impoertance of SEO - Mobile Friendly Test page

2. Optimize Your Website Local Search Result(Local SEO)

vImpoertance of SEO - Local SEO

Google search result change in a different location. 

That makes the local search result page for a small business like restaurants, cafes, photographer.

Most small businesses use Local SEO for the target audience in a particular city and area.

Do you want to improve your local search ranking?

Yes, Grate!

Go to Google My Business and register on it. You can already register and listed on it, you can optimize and manage it. 


You don’t know about how to register and list your business, you can read the Google clear guideline of local search results.

Here, are the search engine result page for the “best digital marketing company in India”. You can see this.

Impoertance of SEO - Local Search Page

Google My Business profile shows your company name, company location, address, mobile number, website, and review.

Google provides specific guidelines to improve local search rank:

  • Complete your profile and Business Data
  • Verify your business location
  • Manage your Google reviews

Pro tips: Choose the relevant and specific category that will help Google easily understand your business. 

Keep increasing genuine reviews that will increase customer’s trust and increase the rank on local search.

3. Keep a Simple Blog architecture

Impoertance of SEO - Site Structure

Website architecture defines the overall structure of your website, and it is an important part of SEO.

If you organized your website in a proper format, then the search engine spider(crawler) can crawl all the webpages on your website easily.

Search engine index your webpage fast, but if any page is not proper format and the spider can not crawl easily and search engine can not fast indexed your webpage.

Well-structured website, user easy find and navigate through your website, this will help you to increase engagement, and search engine loves the well-structured site and search engine rank your website in the search result page.

Pro tips: Create simple navigation and looking straight forward that users understand it.

4. Increase website Loading time

Impoertance of SEO - Site Load Time

Website loading time is an important factor in SEO. 

Users do not like to wait. If your website loading time is more than usual users leave your website and you can lose traffic. 

You can make sure your website loading time of more than 3 seconds is better.

Impoertance of SEO - Page Speed Test

If you want to decrease the loading time of your website, you want to optimize your code and minimize the resource.

You can minimize your resource here is the Google minify guide to minimize resources like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You can compress and reduce image size and remove unnecessary resources from webpages, and see the result.

You can always check your site speed from Google Page Speed InsightsPingdomGTMetrix.

This tool will also recommend some task and you can implement in your site, you easily optimize your website, decrease loading time, and reduce the bounce rate of your website.

 5. Find Perfect Keywords for Your Business

Importance of SEO - Find Perfect Keywords

Keywords are team or phrase that users are searching in the search bar.

Search engines adjust keywords and relevant keywords that help to find more and best information.

How to find the perfect keyword?

Let’s find it!

First, find some most searched keywords in your business niche.

You can use a free keyword research tool like Google Keyword PlannerUbersuggest.

This keyword tool helps to find keywords search volume and keyword difficulty, You can choose a high search volume and low difficulty keywords that will help you to grow your businesses.

Next step, You can include keywords in your website content.

Use keywords in your header, meta description, and title of your webpage.

This will helps Google easily understand and index your content on top of the search result.

Keep practicing perfect keyword research, You can get top of the search result and improve your site visibility, and increase business revenues.

I recommend long-tail Keywords because easy to rank on long-tail keywords.

For example,

Your keyword is “Digital Marketing Course” you can convert the keyword into an attractive header like “Top 5 Digital Marketing Course for Free”.

6. Create quality Content

Impoertance of SEO - Quailty Content

Always remember “Content is King“. 

Content is kept engaging users on your website/webpages. 

Creating plagiarism-free, genuine, and engaging quality content is the most crucial part of your website.

If you have good services and products but you can’t represent your services and products on your website. 

you can’t attract your visitors and you can’t increase your business.

You can give information in detail, your visitor trusts you and you can convert a visitor into a customer.

7. Create Backlinks and Build Authority for Your Website

Impoertance of SEO - Build Authority

Link Building is the most crucial factor in SEO. 

The backlink is placing your website or webpage hyperlink on another website.

If you don’t know how to create a quality backlink,

I will be teaching common technique to get backlink naturally,

  • Guest Posting
  • Find competitor broken link and Build backlink
  • Build backlink on community site
  • answer the question on Help a ReporterQuora
  • Paid Promotion linking

This is the best way to create high-quality backlinks.

Final thoughts

So, there is some ultimate SEO technique for small business, I hope this will help you. Follow the step, you can optimize your website to better visibility on the internet and grow your small business locally and globally.

89 / 100

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