How to Start a Blog in 2020 – Easy Step by Step Beginner Guide

Do You want to learn How to Start a Blog in 2020?

yes, Grate!

Hi there, If you are a complete beginner don’t worry I will teach you from scratch and you don’t need advanced coding.

Starting a blog is easier but you need guidance and the right tool, then you can start your own and professional blog running in less than 30 minutes.

But, After you are reading this guide, you will start your blogging journey, Make your success path.

There is the 8 easy step by step process which will help you to avoid the common mistake for a newbie blogger.

let’s get into it,

Step 1: Choose your blog right niche
Step 2: Choose the right blogging platform
Step 3: Pick a good domain name for your blog
Step 4: Choose a good web hosting provider
Step 5: Setup and Configure your blog
Step 6: Design your blog using an attention-grabbing theme
Step 7: Add logo, favicon, and blog structure
Step 8: Choose some best essential plugin for your blog
Step 9: Add/Write and publish your blog posts and pages
Step 10: Make money from your blog

Blog setup Time: 30 minutes

Blog Customize Time: 60-90 minutes

Guide: Beginner

Before starting your making profitable blog process,

You are thinking, why your start a blog in 2020?

Because in 2020 is the golden time to starting a new blog and grow it.

Blogging is the day by day growing and if you starting today, so you will chances/opportunities to grow and other people are the start later then your growing. 

What is the main benefit of Blogging :

  • Write content for your audience.
  • Day by Day improve writing and thinking skill.
  • Express yourself.
  • Help other people.
  • Gain your fan base.
  • You are in expert in your field.
  • Make money online.

I think you are not confused about blogging.

let’s get into it,

Step 1: Choose Your Blog Right Niche (Most important step)

Right niche for Your Blog

The very first you need to choose a topic for your blog and many newbies are stuck into this step.

Do you know? most popular blog on one topic like food, travel, fitness, fashion, or many businesses.

Many Bloggers quit in 1 year or 6 months because they choose the wrong niche there is no passion in this field.

I will recommend choosing the niche that you are interested in and passionate about. It is better when you are an expert in something, this will help you to grow your blog, writing, and quality content to help other people.

Tip for choosing the Right niche:

  • In which field you in the expert?
  • Which field are you interested in?
  • you are learning new something and Do you want to explain the process in writing?

For example, if you are interested in health and you like fitness, then you are sharing your knowledge in your blog related to weight loss or cover topics like diet and training.

This is the step to find your profitable blog niche.

Step 2: Choose the Right Blogging Platform

Pick Right Platform for Your Blog

There are many free blog platforms like,, and

Two types of blog platform

  1. Free Blog
  2. Self-hosted Blog

Free Blog: There are many downsides of free blogging services like limited monetization, limited customization, traffic, and final most important point you have no control over your blog

Self-hosted Blog: In this blog no limit, Your blog look professional, great looking, and improve later on, full control of your blog.

start a blog - WordPress Statistics

I highly recommended you go with WordPress Because WordPress gives you the freedom to make your blog.

In WordPress, there are many plugin and themes to customize your blog fast and excellent.

Step 3: Pick a good domain name for your blog

Good Domain Name for Your Blog

Your domain name is your blog’s unique address on the internet.

Example of Domain name:

  • HTTP/HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure)
  • www (World Wide Web)
  • AllinoneBlogging (Domain Name)
  • .com (Top Level Domain)

Selecting a domain name is not a difficult task, it is very easy to select the perfect domain name for your new start a blog.

If you do not find the perfect domain name, Here are the Tips

  • Keep it friendly & short: Use a short domain name because if your visitor can’t pronounce it in case they want to come back?
  • Easy to understand: The good domain name is easy to remember and visitors are easily pronouncing. If your domain name spelling to hard does not help your reader.
  • Using keyword: You can use your niche keyword because it will help in SEO.
  • Don’t use the numbers: You can not use numbers in the domain name it is difficult to remember the numbers.
  • Use always Top-level domain: I always recommend top-level domain like .com because it is globally. Most of the visitor is assume your website end with dot com.

Step 4: Choose a good web hosting provider 

Choose Good Hosting for Your Blog

If you don’t know about a web host is it like a warehouse of your website on the internet.

Web hosting is to store your blog all the files and shows your blog live. Hosting is store files like image, video, text, graphic, and secure the data.

 I will suggest which is the best hosting for your blog?

There are many web hosting which you cant start a blog but I do not recommend it because it’s useless.

if you have a medium budget I will recommend going with the Siteground but your budget is very tight I prefer Hostinger because I am using this web hosting is better uptime and cheapest price.

From Hostinger, you will go with this:

  • The domain name (free for 1 year) and free SSL certificate(secure)
  • Web Hosting ($0.99/months)
  • simple one click to install WordPress
  • Free email account (

I think you are clear in your mind about web hosting

Start a blog - Hosting Plan

Step 5: Setup and Configure your blog

Set-up and Configure WordPress Blog

First, you go sign up with Hostinger, you can install WordPress for your new blog.

You are not going with Hostinger, not a problem many web hosting companies provide one-click install WordPress blogging platform, so it’s very easy.

Here is the step to install WordPress with Hostinger

  1. Login Hostinger account
  2. Go Home page click on the WordPress button
  3. Enter the new WordPress username and password 
  4. WordPress installation start
Start a blog - Hostinger Cpanel

After Complete the setup of your WordPress, you can proceed to visit your WordPress dashboard.

Simple go to ( this URL and remember it.

start a blog - WordPress Login

You can go to the WordPress login page, you can enter the WordPress username & password and you will see this :

Start a Blog - WordPress Dashboard

there are some settings than you go through it.

General Setting: Start going to the left sidebar click on Setting->general

Start a Blog - General Setting Page
  • Site title: This is important because your site is ranking then visitor sees this title. Make sure to write your business/Blog name.
  • Tagline: This is the show what about your blog, write a short sentence.

Visible in Google: this is the most important step in the search engine can index your new blog.

go to Setting->reading and make sure unchecked this function “search engine visibility”. You see in this image.

start a blog - WordPress Reading Page Setting

If you don’t do this your blog is invisible to Google.

Permalinks: This “permalinks” setting is to define how WordPress creates an individual URL for each blog post. This setting is very simple and easy.

You go Setting-> Permalinks and select Post name type, Like this:

Start a Blog - Parmalink Page Setting

This setting is beneficial in SEO and Google and other search engines also preferred this type of URL.

Step 6: Design your blog using an attention-grabbing theme

Choose Your Blog Theme

After WordPress installation blog look is the more important if you are start a blog.

 Your blog design matter because if you do not have a good design you can lose your traffic and ranking. Good design helps you to engage with content and increase your traffic.

Many time design help in SEO, If you have good design your page rank in Google because you are engaging people in your blog.

There is a lot of WordPress theme option, You can go with some free and some paid.

Which theme best for your blog?

I am currently using Generatepress, This theme is the lightest theme and this theme loads your website fast. 

Generate press theme is a responsive and SEO friendly theme, Many huge bloggers are using this theme.

Some of the free and paid theme I will suggest you

Astra(free and paid): The Astra is a free and paid theme. This theme is lightweight like Generatepress and you can make the home page using a page builder. if you want to use a free theme you don’t use a premium feature, you want to use it go for a paid theme.

Thrive theme(paid): The thrive theme is responsive and easy to customize and make the attention-grabbing page. This theme helps you get to lead and sales on your WordPress website. Many pro affiliate bloggers use for lead generation.

Generatepress(paid): Generatepress theme that I am currently using in my blog and this theme is very is to customize, Many newbies customize blog using this theme. This theme support is grate.

After choosing the theme, Go back to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance-> Themes.

Start a Blog - WordPress Theme

Click on “Add New”

Start a Blog - Add new Theme in WordPress

First method:

If you are going with a free theme you can directly install the theme.

Go to the search bar and search theme.

Start a Blog - Search Theme for WordPress

Click on “Install” and wait for a few minutes then click on “Activate”.

Second method:

If you have a theme go to upload theme and choose a theme.

Start a Blog - Upload Theme In WordPress

Click on “Install Now” and wait for a few minutes then click on “Activate”.

If you want to customize the theme the go-to Appearance-> Customizes, and you can able to customize your theme.

Step 7: Add logo, Add favicon, and blog structure

Add Logo, Favicon and Blog Structure

After customizing your theme then you can add your site logo and favicon icon.

Add Logo:

  • If you don’t have a logo, don’t worry there are a lot of free tool on the internet you can use it

Go to Appearance -> Customizes, you can see “Site Identity” click on it.

Start a Blog - Customize Site identity

Add Your logo, Just click on the “Select logo” button and choose your logo.

Start a Blog - Select Logo for Blog

After upload your logo, you can see your logo preview.

Add favicon:

  • If you don’t have a favicon, there are many free tools on the internet to make a favicon for your blog

To add your favicon, click on “Select image” and choose your favicon.

Start a Blog - Add Favicon Icon

After you upload your favicon, you can see your favicon on the web-browser tab.

Start a Blog - Favicon Icon Preview

Blog Structure:

You can change your site structure it easy.

Go to Appearance -> Widgets

Start a blog - Add Widgets

you can add/remove the recent comment in the right sidebar go and drag and drop the recent comment widget.

Step 8: Choose some best essential plugin for your blog

Install Best WordPress Plugins

The plugin adds even more in WordPress.

There are thousands of free and premium plugin, most beginner bloggers go over. They install many plugins, their site slow loading.

There is some plugin I am currently using in my blog and I recommend it.

Here is this list of plugins I am using currently in my blog:

Elementor: This plugin is a page builder for design any page. This page builder plugin creates a beautiful landing page using only drag and drop.

WP-Rocket: This plugin helps to optimize your website and make it faster. Website loading speed is one of the main factors to rank on Google. This is a premium plugin you can buy it but you can not buy this afford it you can go with WP Super Cache this is the alternative of WP Rocket.

Rank Math SEO: This plugin helps you to rank in search engines and drive traffic on your blog. Rank math is a new SEO plugin this is a favorite plugin for many bloggers. Many bloggers suggest Yoast but I don’t recommend it because Yoast SEO all premium features provide rank math in free.

iTheme Security: Security is one of the first important steps.

Many times, hackers hack your websites but this plugin helps you to secure your entire website. This security plugin keeps safe your blog. iTheme Security is providing a one-click setup wizard that makes protecting your entire website. This plugin is free and they have a premium version of an extra feature.

UpdraftPlus: This plugin helps you to backup your website data daily, Your hosting provides backup weekly but this plugin backup every day. Day by day backup is necessary for more security.

Akismet anti-spam: Many times, someone makes your comment section more spammy on your blog. This plugin helps you to protect your comment and contact form, this plugin is automatically removed spam comment.

Contact Form 7: This plugin makes a contact form easily using a shortcode. It supports Akismet anti-spam filtering. If you are using an image in your article, this will help you to all image optimize and reduce image size and load your website faster.

Social Snap: Social snap is a WordPress social media plugin. This helps you to drive traffic from social media like Facebook, Tweeter, Linkedin, and many more platforms.

IF you don’t know how to install a plugin? let me help you,

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard
  2. Then go to Appearance ->Plugin -> Add New
  3. Then upload your plugin in zip format or you can search directly on the search bar and click on the “Install” button 
  4. After installing Plugin and click on the “Activate” button.
Start a Blog - Install Plugin

Let’s go to the next topic,

Step 9: Add/Write and publish your blog posts and pages

Start Writing Blog Post

This time to start writing your first blog post. Think and take an idea in your mind, then turning into words on your computer screen and share it with the world.

You don’t know, how to write a perfect blog post?

So, let me help you to write a perfect blog post for your blog. Go to your WordPress dashboard click on Post-> Add new

Then, you can start writing a blog post for your blog.

Start a Blog - GeneratePress Post Writing

If you are not using the Generatepress theme your interface looks like this.

Start a Blog - WordPress Post Default Interface

I will give some tips for writing an article this will help you a lot:

If you are confused about the topic for the first blog post, do some keyword research in your niche and find a high volume keyword and easy to rank.

I highly recommend it go with a long tail keyword because that not easy to rank on a short keyword.

You always try to make an attractive title for your blog post by using keywords, numbers, powerful words(How to, Best, Top).

You can grab your audience engagement on your blog post make sure you use an attractive image and making a more detailing or more informative article.

I recommend you to learn on-page SEO and optimize your content very easily.

Write your content in the active voice and use words like “I” and “you”.

You can not use copyrighted images on google. I suggest you create a custom image and use copyright-free images.

Step 10: Make money from your blog

Start Make Money Online

Monetization is the convert your activity into earning. Keep in mind blogging is not just to make money. So you can produce great quality content and engaging audiences in your niche, you will become an expert and you can able to make a significant list of followers and visitors to your blog. Then adding more quality content and generate earning.

if don’t know about making money through a blog I will help which way to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing: This is the best monetization method for making money online. You can promote other products on your blog. You can generate sales on the product, you can get a commission on the product from the product owner.

Advertising on your blog: The method easy way to earn a decent amount of money on your blog. you can drive traffic on your blog and running ads on your blog then you can start earning online. The most popular Ads partner is Google Adsense.

Providing Services: You are an expert in the field like SEO, content writing so you can offer service to your audience and you can directly charge for your service. This is the best method to make money faster.

Selling your ebook and course: If you are a creative person and you know how to sell anything, so you can create your ebook or course and sell your ebook or course to your audience, and your blog gain authority and popularity.

Sponsor Post: Advertiser always looking for publicity on your blog. You can build a popular blog and build high authority on your blog in your niche. The advertiser could approach for sponsor post on your blog. Sponsor posts mainly promote advertiser products and services and you can earn some additional income from your blog.

There are some ways to make money from your blog, but you think like blogging is easy and easy to make money from a blog, you are wrong thinking. You can patience and hard work on your blog and you can easily grow and make income from your blog.

FAQ About Start a blog?

Is it worth it to start a blog in 2020?

Yes, you can make real money by blogging. You can drive traffic on your blog and make money through blogging.

Why do most bloggers fail?

One of the reasons why bloggers fail is that not producing quality content and they publish copy content or images.

Is blogging easy?

Start a blog is easy. Thousands of people start a new blog every day. but very few people start a blog that matters. You can maintain consistency, and patience is difficult.

Is blogging free of cost?

If you want to create a personal blog, you can go to a free blogging platform like, but you can try to make money from your blog, you will invest money for blogging.

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